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These "Stretches" Don't Feel Anything Like Your Typical, Boring Stretches

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7 Doctor-Endorsed, "Stretching" Routines

That Are Done In Just 5 Minutes Every 'Other' Day

Once your copy of 5 Minutes To Look Younger arrives on your doorstep, I want you to immediately pop it into your DVD player and see how quick and easy it is to get started (and to be finished your workout almost just as fast!)...


Stretch and hold a position, just like gym class. This is great if you're a gymnast, just starting out, or trying to break through to a new level of fitness.


Move into and out of a position, which is great for runners, bikers, swimmers, and anyone else who wants to be able to use their muscles with movement.

Tissue Release

If you've ever felt the good hurt with a massage, or you've had a knot that prevents you from stretching through it and getting more flexible, then 'tissue release' is the answer for you.

With 5 Minutes To Look Younger, you're getting 7 "stretching" routines in a follow-along DVD that you can do from the comfort of your living room.

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How I Reduced My Time Exercising, Boosted My Energy, & Got Rid Of Joint Pain In Just 5 Minutes, Every 'Other' Day

My name is Dr. Kareem Samhouri, and I'm a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Kinesiologist.

But more importantly than that, I love to help others feel their absolute best!

Being an exercise professional with an advanced degree in exercise science, I was able to see that most people were simply repeating exercise recommendations that had been given to them.

And what's more, I couldn't believe how much more intensely people were exercising than they needed to! What a pain! (literally)

Deep down I knew...

There had to be a way to live a more active lifestyle and "exercise" for less time...

I discovered that small tweaks in posture and position lead to faster gains from workouts, albeit metabolic or muscle building workouts.

I learned that exercises like bench press and the elliptical are some of the most common that lead to injury, and that they provide rather slow results.

For nearly 5 years, I devoured and tested every product, program, and bit of exercise coaching information I could digest.

The workouts that produced the best results, I kept.

The others I threw away.


How The #1 Best-Selling "Stretching" DVD, 5 Minutes To Look Younger, Was Born

After 5 long years of testing, I finally had a whole new collection of muscle -- and posture -- balancing workouts.

You'd never guess these "stretches" count as exercise. The feeling of blood flow to a tight area is pure relief... Breath is so much easier when your body is aligned (similar to the way you were born). But instead of telling you all about the "stretches", why don't you scroll down and have a look at them yourself. Altogether you'll get 7 flexibility, mobility, and tissue release routines in your copy of 5 Minutes To Look Younger.

And it starts with...

Getting Rid Of Knots & Releasing Tight Muscles

Stretch through a restriction by first releasing it, and discover how your body was designed to move.

Or release your entire rotator cuff by pressing a tennis ball into a certain place in your shoulder, a very specific way.

You experience both of these stretches plus 13 more when you claim your copy of 5 Minutes To Look Younger Today.

5 Stretches To Transform How You Feel In Just 1 Minute Each

Who can say no to the feeling of relief that comes with letting go, when a muscle finally releases and all the tension goes away?

You'll get 8 of my favorite upper body stretches in 5 Minutes To Look Younger, including...

Imagine doing a workout that actually rejuvenates your body and leaves you feeling great!

10 Moving Stretches That Feel JUST Like WD-40 For Your Body

If you grew up playing outside like I did, then seeing yourself bend, twist, and move freely STILL is important to you...

That’s why I’ve included 10 mobility stretches that are designed to renew you, teach your body to move as it was designed, and prepare you for more.


Plus, I’ve also included the 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator with 5 Minutes To Look Younger.

This means you're getting an exact fat loss blueprint for 5 days, designed to help you accelerate the speed at which you lose fat, in just five days. (results may vary)

The 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator uses one simple diet rule, and that’s it.

TODAY ONLY: Get the "The Cheaters Guide to Eating Clean" -- Absolutely FREE

By simply claiming your DVD Today! (find out how to eat and move for your specific body, and how to eat delicious meals all day, every day.)

Do The Stretches In 5 Minutes To Look Younger ACTUALLY Get Results?

Unlike many of the “stretches” you may have tried in the past... each of the 35 stretches in 5 Minutes To Look Younger are proven to work with our in-person patients and clients.

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