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Type of exercise for advanced age


I will be 76 in September, but I have worked out regularly for most of my life. I have gradually gained fat over the years despite exercising about 5 days/week for 45 minutes at my health club. My weight is 217 with BMI of 25. I would like to get to 190 with as low a BMI as I can maintain. I have mild arthritis in both knees and have completed 12 weeks of kettlebell training in the last month using 15 lbs. Jumping and running will be difficult, but I walk at a brisk pace on the treadmill and outside when the weather permits in WI.

Please advise me of exercises I might modify for my weight loss and strengthening.


I'm really glad you asked about the modifications. The best place to start is by going slowly through all the motions. If you find certain exercises are difficult to do, or painful positions, just back off and then we can talk about substitutes. It seems to me that you'll likely be able to do everything... being as fit as you are. Maybe the lunges? (but a lot of time that's form) We can always take it from there...

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