How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Hello, Today, I want to share an article I wrote on how to lose belly fat through exercise and without extreme dieting. A lot of people have commented to me that it’s helped them straighten some stuff out in their heads… hope it helps you too! *Results may vary. Please ….Read More

Ab Definition Comes From The Back!

Hello all, Today, I’m just itching to get this off my chest. You see, most people are missing a HUGE component to their six pack abs programs. It’s training the back. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you read the article below… Ab Definition Comes From the Back By ….Read More

Workout Technology (TM) – The Evolution Of Fitness

Workout Technology has advanced so much in the last several years: At-home aerobics (outdated) Power walking (outdated) Machine-based circuits (outdated) Cardio, cardio, cardio (outdated) Interval-based weight training (Alive & Well) But the principles remain the same… Build cardiovascular endurance Burn as much fat as possible from every workout Improve your ….Read More

Fat Loss Metamorphosis

Controversial Fat Loss Theory, Program Customization, & Exercise Selection Explained You’ll often hear conflicting views on fat loss. Some people will claim that the only way to lose fat is to build muscle and affect your muscle to fat ratio (muscle:fat); others will insist that it’s a matter of alternating ….Read More