The Flexibility Cure

I have a mission for you – Mission Unbreakable. This is a program that hits the market tomorrow, and it’s a mission to make your body… well, you guessed it: Unbreakable. Along with the help of co-creator BJ Gaddour, we are going to help you move restriction free, speed up ….Read More

How Muscle Works And Why You Get Knots

Flexibility and Recovery are the two most underexposed and important areas of fitness. Without the proper muscle length or repair process in place, your workouts would be extremely limited. Functional flexibility, or flexibility as it relates to movement and muscle health, really comes down to one term: Neuro-Inhibition <— your ….Read More

Abdominal Trifecta

Abdominal Trifecta hey everybody, I’ve decided to really, really hook you up today. Above, you’ll find a giant set that makes for a killer abs burn. Do them as follows: 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest In the order you see above Go nuts! Repeat 3x without stopping. ….Read More