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6 meals a day issue


I've been through one week of workouts, webinars, audios, etc. and am confused about how the "6 meals a day" works with the "caveman diet" (for loss of a better name!) and how that relates to the two days on, one day off workout schedule. They don't seem to match up.

Secondly, I've been doing the six meals a day and the workouts and have gained weight. Any thoughts?


Ah - so you're wondering about the differences between results with the EODD (caveman diet by Jon Benson) and 6 meals/day, which is advised by so many others. Well, there are a few things to consider... First, I think that 5-6 meals is better, but you have to try this for 4-6 weeks before you tend to see any results, as your metabolism will be adjusting. Also, think bodyfat, not weight when you do this, as it's a better indicator of your future progress. As for the EODD, it's extremely effective, but not exactly my style for my own personal taste. Jon's brilliant, and it works. Most importantly, please keep in mind that many humans respond differently to various diets, so if one doesn't work, try another. That said, also please listen to your body. What's it telling you? Are you hungry when you're eating? Are you eating based upon your activity level or are you memorizing facts from diet and nutrition authors and following them blindfolded? (most people do this, so no worries if you do too, but maybe it's something to consider?) Our bodies are GREAT at telling us what we need. Also, what is the quality of the food you are eating? Are there preservatives? toxins? trans fats? this could be killing your results. Also, how is your intensity with your exercise program? It's not rocket science, but it takes careful attention to your body to get amazing results. Hope this helps!

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