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Tight elbow muscle


I have not been able to complete the exercise program because of a tight muscle in my upper arm that causes my elbow to be very sore. What can I do to release this muscle. I have even tried using a "tens" machine, I have had a massage from a professional but neither have worked.


I understand that you're not able to complete your exercise program because of a sore elbow. Well, I can't diagnose on-line and I can't treat you right now. I definitely want to pass a message on to you that it could be a muscle imbalance or it could be a ligament that's flaring-up on you. Those are 2 pretty common things to see happen. So, they both have the same idea that you may want to reduce inflammation as much as possible. Most likely, what's happening is more trauma to your elbow than you realize when you're exercising and maybe there's a muscular imbalance that's contributing to that. Oftentimes, a wet papertowel directly over your elbow and then a thin bag of ice (not an icepack) for 5-7 minutes is a good icing protocol as long as you don't have a cold allergy.

The other thing is, you might want to take a look to see whether or not you have an imbalance coming from your rotator cuff. This can be easily-diagnosed by your doctor or physical therapist in your area and I strongly recommend that you go ahead and grab Mission Unbreakable (if you don't have it already). That does a really good job of evening-out muscle imbalances that exist. More than anything, make sure you're exercising around your injury. You don't have to exercise the injury itself to get in better shape. You can do everything else with your entire body and it will actually heal faster. Let's say it's your left arm for example, you can use your right arm, you can use your legs, you can use your torso, you can do everything and just leave your left arm out of the picture and at least get the results for right now and then treat the injured ar/elbow after during rehab. That's usually the right protocol and I surely hope this info helps. Have a great day!

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