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Advice for sore knees


I would like to have a good fitness program like yours but doing things like lunges or squats make my sore knee even more sore and stiffer. I am 55, have worked out all my life and played sports. I am not a couch potato. I have somehow hurt my knees probably by doing squats and lunges, etc. wrong (bad form?) I'm not sure. I do not have health insurance so I cannot afford to see a doctor. My knees are stiff all the time and I had to give up running and sprinting. I did interval training for about a year and a half prior to this. If you have any advice as to what I might do I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Having bad knees unfortunately is way too common so I get what you're going through- I see it all the time. As far as squats and lunges go, maybe it's the form thing but that's neither here nor there because if they're causing pain they're not necessarily helping you get to where you want to go. Eventually learning how to properly squat and balance out the muscles in that area and making sure your tissues are released is really important. Something like Mission Unbreakable would be useful for reducing the restrictions in your lower body.

Also, seeing a physical therapist around your area can be a good option as they can spot you during the exercises and making sure you have the right form as well as determining the movements you should avoid. As far as the interval training and sprinting goes, I'm a huge fan of that stuff but the truth of the matter is, that will most likely worsen your knees because doing that with good form and with the proper temperature, right choice of sneakers, is extremely difficult. So if you're going to be interval training which is not a bad choice for spiking your metabolism, think about interval training with your upper body. Theraband push-pull exercises, and alternating those with upright dumbbell rows would be a good examples as well as other exercises that don't involve the knees. Hoping this info helps and have a great day!

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