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Working-out with back pain


I would like to say that i really enjoy ready all your news letters and am very appreciative of all the informations you share with us!

The subject of this topic is very interesting to me as i have been suffering on and off from back pain and after a bad experience with a physiotherapist i am dealing now with a damaged nerve which is driving me nuts as i am still left with a numb foot!!!!!!

Due to that my training has also been compromised and i can not do any intensive cardio of even the weight training is not the way i would like it to be!

So, after reading your email today i figured that maybe you would have any suggestions on how i should training for rehabilitation of nerve damaged from disc L5 S1

I would appreciate all your help and of course pay for all your suggestions or any courses or reading materials that you recommend?


I'm so glad to meet you, and I'm sorry it's been a tough road so far. This is something that I cover in great detail (under 'stuck facet' and 'herniated disc') in http://BackInjuryGuide.com - it's an eBook I wrote that may help guide you with your therapy efforts and it'll provide detailed exercise programs to help you.

Most importantly, I just want you to feel better. I'd also suggest you check out Mission Unbreakable at http://absstrengthguide.com/mu_offer.php This will prove very useful.

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