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Knee pain during exercise


I watched module one and tried the exercises, as best I could starting out. I only got through the first 4 because I got too tired and winded, so I plan to try to do the rest a little later today and eventually put it all together.

I don't have a medicine ball or discs. What can I substitute instead? I used a watermelon that we haven't cut open yet, but once we eat that, then what (besides buying another watermelon)?

Also, I feel a pain in my right knee with some of the exercises. I tried repositioning my feet, but that really didn't help. Would you recommend using an ace wrap or one of those bands that you put below the patella?

I'm looking forward to shedding the pounds and bringing balance into my life.


I am telling you that I overcame it through this exact habit. It's just a matter of building it into your day before you get the chance to do anything else and focusing on it as priority #1. I can tell you that when I got in really good shape, I spent about 3 weeks exhausted ( I mean tired from doing this). It was around week 4 or 5 when I started to really feel energetic and by week 6 it was unreal- my grades had skyrocketed and I was doing so much better and felt amazing. As for completing the exercise program, that's just relative. My consideration here is to just push a little bit further than you did last time and you make an effort to be regular about it. Those are the first 2 things to consider when you really want to make progress. When you're trying to decrease bodyfat, think about it as diligence and a little bit of increased intensity on each workout an you will win- I have nothing but faith in you.

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