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ASG with rotator cuff injury/mobility issues


I have some fairly significant mobility issues, and want to know if this program is adaptable to somebody who cannot use their legs for much, and who has a torn rotator cuff. I'm concerned that if I purchase the program, it will be too much for me - physically too demanding considering my abilities.

I wanted to know whether I could benefit - and not just in the realm of "any exercise you can do is beneficial to you" ... but specifically, can this program be adaptable enough as to make it worth the purchase price?


That's a great question! I use a modified version of this program for my patients and clients that works out really well, but you have to find the pain-free "versions" of every exercise and then go with that. For example, some people cannot press at all, or they can only press to forehead height. We have to take that into account. One suggestion would be, since it is a really good deal, to take these exercises to a PT and have them help you find alternatives for anything you cannot do. How does that sound? (the program design is still there to help you, so this might be a great idea for you). Hope this helps!

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