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Weightloss for injured war vet


Just over forty years ago I was serving in the finest special forces in the world the SAS. Having lead a special section of only 60 men for a continuse period of four years in the Middle East in a very mountainus country. I was sent home after breaking both legs in the femur bones for the second time as they had completely shattered and the lost of over seven inches of bone was not treatable in the operational manner in the country and the conditions even in Cryprus which was our nearest critical health ops for the army in those days.


Well to put no finer point on it ,I am suffering with acute arthritis in both knees and hips and of course because I used to jump from planes with very heavy packs strapted to my back the lower part of my spine has also gone to bits,some 3060 jumps no problem but the other two have left me in very bad health now.


First and foremost, thanks so much for serving. I think that’s awesome and wow! You’re like a hero. It’s really, really neat, and I’m honored to have an opportunity to help you here. So, to answer your question, it sounds like mobility is number one, following the arthritis and stuff. There are two main goals hers, and of course, you need to speak with your physician or physical therapist to confirm this, as I can’t see you in person. Number one is to reduce the impact of arthritis through building muscle that cushions your joints. What I mean by this is, muscles actually have the ability to withstand most of the impact of all the stress and shock attenuation that takes place during the day. Every time you take a step, there’s vibration through your joints. This vibration irritates arthritis. However, if there’s enough muscle to pad the area, even if you have to do isolated exercises in the beginning to build the muscle, then those joints won’t take nearly the same impact, which will reduce the amount of inflammation in your body, which will then assist in your ability to build more muscle. And it become a vicious cycle and a positive feet-forward mechanism. So, that’s number one. Number two is, it’s a sure-bet with over 3,000 jumps that what you’re dealing with right now is myofascial restriction on top of that. So, one thing that I’d strongly recommend to you is that you get “Mission Unbreakable”. Do the tissue release work. Commit to it. Make it a daily thing and watch your body move better as you gain mobility, your ability to build strength and reduce the arthritic aches should improve.


Now again, you’re going to want to get at least periodic supervision from a physical therapist or doc or osteopathic doc or physiatrist, because I think that’s what’s really going to help you guide the proper path. And I’m wishing you the best. I know that you’re going to have all the help you need from the medical area, because you are a vet. So, that’s why I’m highly recommending that. Lastly, I want to mention that if you haven’t had a chance to go to the Miami VA, and you do have that opportunity, I’d strongly recommend it, because that is the center for amputees in the military, so their lower body strengthening programs are the best that they come. And I know the guy that created all that stuff, because I went to school down there. And he’s the one that creates all the military amputee rehab programs for the United States. So, I do find that to be a really great resource and I know you have an opportunity to go anywhere you want, as a vet. So, I sure hope this helps you and I’m wishing you the best and thanks again for serving. Take care now.

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