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Meal-spacing for weightloss


I have the Ab Strength Modules that are awesome, a l ittle hard since I've only been training for 7 months. I plan to purchase The truth about 6 pack abs at the end of the month due to lack of funds. I am really happy that I came accross Dr.Kareem; he is the best.


I would appreciate if Dr. Kareem or yourself would answer a few questions for me.


1. Is it absolutely necessary to eat 5 mini meals per day, in 3 hour intervals starting at 7am in order to have a super fast metabolism?


2. Is it necessary to workout at 6am on an empty stomach?


The reason I asked about the above ?'s is I recently purchased a program called "Belly Fat Free" by Josh Bezoni amd there is no way I can follow this program because of my schedule. I won't be able to return it either because as I was reading through the book, I highlighted points of interest. So not I'm stuck with it. Please just tell me that was not the only way to loose Belly fat or any other fat storaage!


3. Everyday, I eat breakfast around 10 am which consists of 1/2 c. whole grain cereal w/ 1/2 a banana. Lunch: (2 pm) A slimfast shake. Dinner: ( between 5pm & 6pm) Fresh veggies, 1/2 sweet potato (plain) , 3 oz. of Very bland chicken. Is this the wrong way of going about a new lifestyle?


4. Is "The truth about 6 pack abs program" easy to follow?


Well, they are the questions I have and would greatly appreciate any and all help from Dr. Kareem who I greatly admire and trust. I appreciate anything you can answer for me!


Well, they are the questions I have and would greatly appreciate any and all help from Dr. Kareem who I greatly admire and trust. I appreciate anything you can answer for me!


In terms of the meal-plan, it’s just a matter of finding the right foods with the right ratios of macro-nutrients that you’re interested in having. I love to use the 4:7:9 ratio. I find that’s not my highest energy but that’s coming from somebody who loves to workout hard and if one wants to workout hard, you’d want to have optimal energy to workout, so I want to eat lean and eat really healthy. You already mentioned the Belly-Fat Free and some of those meal plans aren’t really congruent to what you’re doing, so I would suggest the DietSolution Program. Or, since you’re already talking about Truth About Abs, just go with that because he’s going to have amazing nutrition recommendations in there and then if you need something else beyond that, it’s fine. There’s plenty of really lean delicious meal plans in Truth About Abs that you’ll love. Mike’s a personal friend of mine and I actually go and stay at his house and I can tell you- I look forward to the stuff he cooks every single time and I always walk away leaner (and I’m eating a lot the whole time). I think that’ll be more up your alley.

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