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Working-out with direct inguinal hernia


I was told that direct inguinal hernia is due to weak abdominal muscles - quoted below:

Direct inguinal hernias are caused by connective tissue degeneration of the abdominal muscles, which causes weakening of the muscles during the adult years. The hernia involves fat or the small intestine sliding through the weak muscles into the groin. Direct hernia develops gradually because of continuous stress on the muscles. Indirect and direct inguinal hernias usually slide back and forth spontaneously through the inguinal canal and can often be moved back into the abdomen with gentle massage.

What abs or back exercise(s) would you recommend to strengthen such muscles so surgery can be avoided. Surgery scares me.

Am experiencing this condition, but the fat or intestine has not "fallen" into the groin. So it's not that bad, yet. Hence, i think exercise might still help. Of course, with this condition, I don't expect to do heavy lifting, or follow the hi-intensity workout of your programs (at least not yet). Experience NO PAIN. Pls comment.

Thanks and God Bless. Hope to hear from you again.


That's a great question. Hernias aren't necessarily caused by weak muscles... this is referring to weak connective tissue (like a cobweb that holds your muscles together - called fascia) - when this spreads, your hernia can pop out.

That said, strong abs can really help you stabilize this hernia and avoid repairs, but this is a decision between you and your orthopedic surgeon (that's the right person to talk to.) As for exercises, generally speaking, it helps to do stabilization exercises (planks, squats) instead of exercises like crunches, sit ups, etc. However, I just cant' advise you without seeing you in person for this type of medical issue.

I do want to let you know that I'm very accustomed to treating this situation and building exercise programs - don't worry, everything will be fine. I'd suggest you find a good physical therapist in your area (sports certified specialist PTs are best) and work on nailing down some exercises with good form to avoid surgery.

Hope this helps you and I'm wishing you the absolute best!

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