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Exercising around shoulder discomfort


Exercising around shoulder discomfort


Shoulder pain is most often related to postural issues originating between the shoulder and neck.  Your upper trapezius (trap) tends to fire often in an effort to protect the shoulder joint or neck when there is injury.  This is referred to as ‘muscle guarding,’ and it pulls your cervical spine out of alignment.  It’s good for protecting injuries, but it lasts way too long.  This leads to neck aches and pressure on the rotator cuff and bursa of the shoulder.  In both cases, it can be a viscous cycle.  

After rehabilitating your shoulder, if necessary, it’s important to keep your back stronger than your front.  Spending time really thinking about your lats and shoulder blade stabilizers while performing exercises will prove very useful, so I’m sure this will help.  Also, focusing on watching yourself in the mirror during pressing and pulling movements to make sure you are symmetrical side to side as you raise your arms overhead is vital to your success.  Always cater to the more limited side and control your shoulder blades by depressing them during overhead movements.  If you can’t resist, just don’t go as far or lighten the load.

Remember pain-free movements only.  Mobility and strength are different, so work on shoulder range of motion and stretching separate from your training program, and possibly with the supervision of your physical therapist or physician, as it’s dangerous to work on strength and length at the same time while your shoulder is injured.

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