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Exercising with diabetes


Exercising with diabetes


Diabetes can be a nasty disease... and frustrating.  In general, the highest priority here is to adapt your body to your exercise demands over time so that your blood sugar can become better regulated while you’re also increasing fitness levels simultaneously.  Although it’s certainly best to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, steady state heart rate training is a fairly safe exercise recommendation.

If you intend to steady state train, the way to do this is to adapt your exercise program so that in week 1 you are eliminating rest periods and exercising at a continuous 4/10 intensity.  Week 2 at 5/10 intensity, and so forth until you reach 9/10.  At this point, begin the normal exercise prescription with alternating intensities.  It is thought that this can help regulate blood sugar and improve overall exercise effect with a fat loss program, although initial results can be slower.

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