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ASG with cardio exercises


I am looking for some advice now. I just received the week 7 email to let you know when I first got started. I actually began by trying "fast and functional abs" about 9 weeks ago. Little history here, I am a quadruple coronary bypass patient, my surgery was on Nov 23rd 2010. It was a total success, they also did not identify any damage despite a 98% blockage. I went immediately after into a regimen of walking and diet. I lost 30 pounds and was down to 220 pounds and still hold that weight today. I still walk up to an hour at a time for cardio and do some elliptical also.

I started with the "fast and functional abs" (f&f abs) and really felt great other than a nagging left shoulder problem that had existed since the surgery was holding me back. I ceased the weights and f&f abs for the last month and was doing some stretching in hopes of letting the shoulder rest and heal. Did not respond to this so now I have had an injection of steroids into the shoulder as it appears to just be bursitis and no damage they can see. They tell me in a few days can start back with upper body exercise.

My questions are:

  1. I often do not have both morning and evening to exercise, so when I do f&f abs can I do my cardio before or after?
  2. Can additional exercises as you send out in your weekly emails be done immediately before or after f&f abs? If so which one before or after? I have time for a rest period in the evenings it just that some mornings I have no extra time at all.
  3. Any other advice?


Absolutely. I prefer you do your cardio afterwards, but it's ok to spend the first 10 minutes warming up with your cardio, switch into F&F Abs, and then take a 5 minute rest before continuing your cardio.

Yes, absolutely. I recommend you do all ASG workouts first (F&F abs and the others), then take a 5 minute break before performing the other workouts. So, again, all ASG workouts come first, then whatever else after.

I actually think you're totally on the right track and planning this into your schedule is great. I'm here if you have more questions along the way, but it sounds to me that you already know what you're doing.

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