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What do we do if we don't have some of the equipment like dumbbells, medicine ball, etc?


What do we do if we don't have some of the equipment like dumbbells, medicine ball, etc?


Dr. K suggests to just substitute with household items you have handy. Think weight or shape, depending on the exercise and equipment.  For example, you can use a text book in place of a med ball if it weighs the right amount and you’re doing a press.  On the other hand, you might choose a basketball if you’re doing push ups on the med ball.

Household items, in many ways, are better to use than gym equipment.  It’s more natural training.  Also, I have many clients that do these workouts with their bodyweight alone and get fantastic results! Here are a few more examples:

Abs on the ball - Ideally, and safely, you’d be hanging off of something so you can hyperextend.  Some people are able to do this with a couch or bed by hooking their feet on a fixed surface.  Others may have a Bosu ball at home, which is a great substitute.  Lots of people do this exercise on the floor - since it just helps sculpt your abs, you’re not going to miss out on too much here by using the floor.

Biceps Curls & Presses - Try a text book, or gallons of water in each hand, filled with water, sand, pebbles, or anything else you want to create the ideal weight.

Bosu Ball - sub in an exercise ball if you decide to get one or use the floor.  

Medicine ball - sub in dumbbells or a round, firm object like a basketball when weight bearing.

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