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Difficulty with ASG (mountain climbers)


Getting ripped abs may be the way to attract the younger crowd, but that's not why I chose this program. I chose it to lose belly fat faster. At 59, I don't expect to get down below 20% body fat. I just want an effective workout. This feels like it could be effective, but I can't do much of it at all. The squats and lunges I can manage pretty well.


Mountain climbers can be really tricky with a belly block. It's not an uncommon complaint or adjustment to make. So, what you do is you do it on an incline, so similar to the way you setup pushups on the wall. You might just want to put your hands up on a bench or couch or something and try mountain climbers there. Also, some of my clients that have bigger bellies and stuff and they've got that belly block going on and in the way, instead of drawing their knees directly up towards their shoulders, they just externally rotate and kind of knee-out a little bit as they're doing their mountain climbers. Remember, eventually you're going to want to be able to bring your knees back in, but that's a great starting point. So, between clearing a little bit more space from the ground by putting your hands up on a bench, and then also, by allowing your knees to go out to the side a little bit, that should hopefully improve the outcome for you. But, I did see that squats and lunges are okay. So, if you need to substitute lunges and just try and do them at a faster pace, that's a good idea, too. And you can do reverse lunges alternating instead of mountain climbers, because it's a very similar benefit.

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